Key Features

Abekus is composition of hundreds of micro-features which come together to create a best-fit learning experience for the user.

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Brain storm, learn & score

  • Play area is the heart of abekus. This is the place where you will solve questions one after the other curated specifically for your profile.

  • The more you play, the more Abekus will understand your requirements and better your learning will become.

  • Abekus will level up the users quickly, if they are already good in the given skill. The toughness level of the questions will increase and so does the learning and scores.

  • User's score is the absolute measure of learning. If you are not learning anything from Abekus, your score will be near zero.


Competition amid collaboration

  • The biggest motivation is competition. Users can compare their ranking by skill with rest of the world on leaderboard.

  • Users are able to compare their rankings by skill, space and time.

  • Abekus is collaborative platforms where you learn by playing question created by others and vice-versa. The irony is, the platform helps you learn by collaborating with your very competitors!


Contemplate and Flaunt!

  • Detailed analysis of users expertise, shortcomings and tips to improve. Your profile will help you introspect and grow. [Beta Feature]

  • Show off your hard work by sharing your profile link on LinkedIn and Resumé.

How does Abekus help you learn?

Algorithm driven, fun-filled journey to success.


Algorithms judge users’ level of expertise, based on which order of questions is determined. As the expertise level of the user increases, the difficulty level of the questions also increases.


Scores carried by the questions are proportional to their difficulty level. User’s total score in a category is the absolute measure of the users’ relative expertise. Badges are awarded for every streak and sprint!


Questions are created, reported and edited by the users and reviewed by their peers. For every such activity, users are given appropriate credits which can eventually be used to Save-the-streaks!


Appreciations from our Users :)

Users from across India are joining this revolutionary community. Collaborating, competiting and learning!

Abekus helped me improve grip on Javascript & HTML/CSS syntax and the language as a whole. The online video tutorials only cover the very basics of the technologies. In a very unique (and interesting) manner, Abekus is helping me attain the next level of expertise in javascript.

The best part I like about this platform is that learning is quite fun on Abekus. It feels like it's a game and I need to improve and beat my friends! So, even though my motivation is competition, the end result is helping me improve as a developer.

I think practicing daily on Abekus could really help me with the placements. Even though the platform is relatively new, there are 1000s of questions across C/C++, Java and aptitude, which are the core topics for the plaements.

What sets Abekus Apart?

Gamelike experience through community driven knowledge coupled with strict rules.

Gamification of Learning

The idea of Abekus is built on the well established scientific fact that learning is much better when fun. Gamification elements of Abekus brings a comfortable tone to the process of learning.

Community Driven

Knowledge grow when the group share its learning. We firmly believe the cmmunity driven knowledge generation will be much more diverse and powerful. But at the same time, the task to organize content and ensure quality is enormous. That's where our framework of algorithms take up the responsibility.

Framework of Algorithms

Abekus is a combination of several minibots performing diverse tasks like elimination of duplication, identification of subpar content, scoring questions, analyzing user performance etc. Untiring efforts of these minions ensures the raw content generated by a users reaches reaches to our users in form of knowledge!

Artificial Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

Which skill categories are currently available on Abekus?

Currently, our focus is on Aptitude & Computer Science skills including topics like Java, C/C++, Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Bash Scripting, PHP, MySQL, Matlab, R, Swift etc. We are contantly expanind into new categories.

How does Abekus help me improve my skills?

For any given skill, Abekus will algorithmically determine your learning path based on your expertise in that skill. With every question, detailed solution and discussions will help you understand the underlying concepts.

What is the source of questions in Abekus?

Content on abekus is community driven, so the questions are being created by users like you. We have stong processes and algorithms to ensure the quality of the questions is always top-notch.

What is the role of the credits?

You will be rewared credits for every social work you do on Abekus, like creating questions, adding a new solution, editing question or solution, reporting subpar questions etc. Credits is like local currency which can be exchanged for benefits like saving a broken streak!

Will companies approach me for jobs?

Your data will not be shared with any companies without your explicit content. Companies may approach you for jobs depending on your profile, if you show have mark your explict interest from your profile.

And what about pricing?

We are absolutely Free! :)

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