Is Python beginner-friendly?

Have you ever wondered how a conversation among a layman, java coder, and python coder looked like? Let us give you a highlight.


Layman: Happy new year, man!

Java Coder: 

class HappyNewYearMan{

public static void main(String args[]){

System.out.printIn(“happy new year, man”);



Python Coder: print(“happy new year, man”)


We all certainly understand what the layman is saying, closely followed by the Python coder and then the Java coder. A coder who wants to learn Java must understand either object-oriented paradigm or choose to ignore parts of code (Example: what is ‘public,’ ‘void,’ or ‘static,’) which makes it a bit more complex. However, Python is comparatively an easier language to get a hold of. As a programmer, one’s purpose is to solve problems and build things via code. Hence, the focus should be on learning concepts and building, rather than just learning language nitty-gritty. This is an essential aspect that any aspiring programmer should consider before deciding which language he should start his coding journey with. So, ‘ease of learning’ forms the first reason why a beginner should start his coding journey with Python.


With this, let’s begin our blog on why this language is highly recommendable for coding freshers. Just a foreword, even though it is an easy language to learn, it is the building stone of some of the most complex websites and apps in the world. 


Let’s begin with the basics…

Python is a fully-interpreted computer programming language used for website and app development. It is designed in C-language and has dynamic semantics. It is an open-source programming language and object-oriented that helps coders to write clear and logical codes. Python can run on several platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


Python VS. other programming languages

As Python is a fully-interpreted language, which means that it can be easily run without compiling the program into machine instructions. The interpreter facilitates python code to run on any computer, facilitating the coder to get quick results. This can help the coder alter the code easily when a situation arises. However, it also means Python is slower than compiled languages like C.


The reasons why Python has secured high regard among developers and other professions are:


  1. As a beginner, one is expected to make a lot of issues. Speed of iteration should be a key factor in the initial learning phase while learning. As already said, it is an interpreted language, it enables running codes faster by skipping on compilation stage.
  2. Python can run on several platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. As a programming beginner, one might not have the most updated set of systems to work on. Since Python runs on multiple platforms seamlessly, it becomes an ideal choice for beginners.
  3. Python is a high-level programming language that allows a developer to focus on the task without worrying too much about the syntax. The codes are simple and short and take considerably less time for a developer to write a program, making it an absolute favourite among beginners.
  4. It is considered a cost-effective programming language due to its powerful attributes like ease-to-read, concise syntax, automatic garbage collection, a large number of reusable software libraries, etc. This is a reason why it is popular among start-ups


What makes Python beginner-friendly?


  1. It is an easy-to-learn language

We cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to learn this language! Coding can be tough with large and complicated syntax formats. This is not the case with Python, as it features a minimal setup resembling the English language. This ensures beginners learn Python from scratch without any difficulty. Moreover, the platform independency aids it to run effectively on several platforms. 


  1. It has a vast readily-available resource

Python is an open-source language which means there is a large community contributing to it. It has a huge source of tutorials and courses available on the internet, making it the best way to learn Python. The free resources provide beginners with an opportunity for effective learning in a shorter duration. In other words, it is an excellent place for finding python basics for beginners.


  1. It is a versatile language

Python can be used in a variety of environments for back-end development like websites, mobile app development, machine and artificial intelligence, data science, and more. It allows a developer to choose from a variety of career options. Therefore, it is a good option for beginners to quickly advance in a field of choice. 


  1. It is used in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Even though Python is a great coding language, to begin with, it is not limited to the primary use. The fact that Python has a vast community, which contributes to the development of AI libraries, makes it an ideal language for writing AI and ML codes. For the same reason it is considered one of the best languages to learn AI.


  1. Its usability in the website and mobile app development

A large portion of websites and apps available today run on this easy-to-learn language. In addition, it features a unique syntax that works well with the language to give a natural feel. Also not to forget, the fact that simple codes can be generated in a shorter time makes it an easier experience for the developer!


  1. It carries an extensibility behaviour

Behaviour extensibility refers to the aspect of how well Python can be extended to other programming languages. The process doesn’t include extending the language but writing Python modules in different languages. In other words, language extensibility means the language’s ability to incorporate new addition with reduced or zero changes in the original code. Python and Tcl are highly extensible computer programs.


In conclusion

Yes, a computer language may seem like a big deal. However, with Python, you can start easy while conditioning yourself to get a hold of extensive computer languages. With the information shared in this blog, we have tried to include every nitty-gritty circling Python.


It is beyond any doubt that Python can bring many advantages for coding novices! This settles down the fact that Python can be used as a stepping stone to the world of programming. Now, what else are you waiting for? Start quickly and land yourself with the best place that provides python programming for beginners!


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