5 good reasons to join Mechanical Engineering

Contemplating Mechanical Engineering as a career option in an era where lucrative new career options are sweeping away your peers every second day? Well, then you are on the right page seeking answers to your queries and we will tell you why holding a Mechanical Engineering degree is the right choice for you. 

But before we move on, let us understand certain aspects of the subject and why you should opt for the subject.

Mechanical Engineers are those who know the art of analysing, simplifying, troubleshooting and explaining complicated issues. They know why and how machines work and they love to see things function.  

Also, it is important to mention here that with the emergence of advanced technologies, the concept of Nano-technology has opened up some amazing working spheres for the youth. And, if you are interested in artificial intelligence (AI), knowing how robots, cars, planes and space shuttles function compared to stationary objects such as bridges and buildings, then there is a lot more that is going to capture your interest in the future.  

So, now let us together take a look at five good reasons why you must opt for Mechanical Engineering and enhance your scope of career opportunities.

Ambitious projects: Unlike the days gone by when Mechanical Engineering students often landed up with manufacturing units that merely designed treadmills and similar products, ambitious projects including in the government sector are cropping up with each passing day. These projects could range from creating simple electric generators to complex projects like prosthetic hands and claws to making huge hydraulic lifts. No wonder, Mechanical Engineering provides an ideal opportunity for those who are not made up for desk work at all.  

The revolutionary path: For those who just don’t want to stick to the traditional concepts sky is the limit. Such students can opt for career opportunities that involve designing new products, focusing on cost reduction, quality improvement or both. Self-balancing robots or artificial intelligence devices are a perfect example of Mechanical Engineers coming up with revolutionary or unique ideas. In simpler terms, it is for those who are passionate about “creating something that never existed before”.

Environment-friendly technology: Since the whole world is becoming environment conscious and paying emphasis on increasing domestic productions such as semiconductor chips, development and use of environmentally-friendly technology there is immense scope for the future Mechanical Engineer degree-holders. They could contribute to making autonomous vehicles, EVs and other cutting-edge devices apart from the traditional devices that are invisible to the naked eye. One such example that is fast gaining popularity specially in remote areas is Solar Water Pumping for Irrigation.

Research work before engineering: It is no news that with the emergence of data science there has been a tremendous increase in job opportunities for Mechanical Engineering students. This means that before actually giving shape to the engineering ideations, it is important for them to carry out extensive research work on the relevant subject. And today, a lot of students are spending time conducting research work and development at scientific laboratories.

Solutions to global problems: Mechanical Engineering degree course today has the capacity to provide technological solutions to major global problems. The degree-holders are contributing in a big way by working on projects related to air and water pollution, seawater desalination, engine efficiency, alternative fuels, biodegradables, combating climate change and towards making a greener future. Similarly, measuring data in the stratosphere is one such example.

So, if you thought that the career scope for Mechanical Engineers was restricted to the conventional few, then it is time for you to rethink. In fact, pursuing a career with a mechanical engineering degree not only enhances your career opportunities but makes them nearly limitless.  

Stay tuned with us to know more reasons to join a Mechanical Engineering degree course.


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